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The Fins Rustic Carbon Steel Knife

The Fins Rustic Carbon Steel Knife

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When it comes to efficiency and versatility, the Fins are your instruments. These efficient carbon steel knives come in 3 different sizes which would suffice all your chopping needs in the kitchen. All of them have 1mm thick blade with a blacksmith finish.

  • Fin Small (70 gm): Good for chopping fresh herbs and vegetables
  • Fin Medium (145 gm): Good for fresh herbs, vegetables, meat, pizza and cake
  • Fin Large (185 gm): Good for fresh herbs, nuts, vegetables, meat, pizza and cake

The knife blade is made from recycled leaf springs, which are recovered from the suspension system of trucks and cars, while the handle is made from roasted Chinaberry wood, native to Vietnam. Please expect some dark colors on your fingers in the first few days of use, from the wooden handle. You can wash it off with running water.

Handmade products from a small family run blacksmith cooperative. From the blade to the handle everything is hand made and perfectly imperfect.

Please consider when purchasing that each and every knife is individual, slightly different and small beauty flaws are there, which will not influence the performance of the knife!

Also, check out our blogs on how to take care and maintain your carbon steel knife here. 

Enjoy your purchase and we would love to hear from you about your experience.


Carbon steel blade, with a varnished Golden Cassia wood handle for the Japanese styles and roasted Chinaberry wood handle for the rustic styles

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Care Instructions

Wipe After Use

After use IMMEDIATELY wipe/clean with the soft side of the sponge and DRY IT! Otherwise rust will set in! The juice from onion, apple & lemon will cause stains quickly!


Make it a regular habit to sharpen your knife at the non-glazed rim on the bottom of a ceramic plate or cup for a quick fix. Best results are achieved using a whetstone

No dishwasher

Never put your knife in the dishwahser

Oil regularly

Oil it once in a while with canola oil or food grade mineral oil

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